I’m going to show you how toconvert a $ into an USB charger. The concept is simple and the process is easy using standard DIY tools and cheap parts you probably have on hand.

Features Super Bright 1-Watt 2 .

Each has on top and 6 on the side for maximum emitting.

Includes a , cell phone charger, compass and whistle – all without batteries or fuel.

ThorFire Solar Powered & Hand Cranking Rechargeable Dynamo Carabiner Camping Outdoor Hiking Climbing .

LED Flashlight – Cree, Rechargeable, Red, Bulbs | eBay

How Bright is x Lumens? – Pisang Best LED Flashlight Guide

Nitecore TM15 3 x Cree XM – L U2 2450lm 18650/CR123 LED …

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