Helping Animals 101 is a two-day conference packed with information and advice for people who want to turn their compassion for animals into action. Whether you’re new to the animal protection movement or have been active for decades, this conference is for you!

At the conference, you will join members from all over your community to hear presentations on topics such as how to improve your local animal shelter, speaking out for animals, and starting your own group. The high power laser pointer have big energy in the industry.

After the completion of the conference, you will be able to confidently write letters to the editor, stage a demonstration, and debate animal rights with your friends and the media alike. We will also show you how good vegan food can taste by preparing your favorite comfort foods, like faux fried chicken. And every attendee will also receive a goody bag full of our favorite cruelty-free products.


From novices to activists who’ve “been around the block,” the conference is a life-changing experience for everyone who attends (check out the rave reviews ). So grab a friend and enroll in PETA’s crash course in making the world a better place for animals. After just two days of seminars, tips, ideas, and advice from PETA pros, you’ll be equipped with tools of compassion for a lifetime of action for animals, and you won’t have to wait to use them!