“Helping Animals 101 was everything I imagined and more! This is a conference that EVERYONE needs to attend, regardless [of whether] you are an activist or not. … Every one of their speakers was incredible. They were dynamic, informative, fun, passionate and compassionate.

They all had a special way of presenting some very serious issues, and they handled it with tact and compassion. The information presented in this conference is something that all consumers need to know about. If you care about your health and you care about animals, you must attend. An additional bonus to the conference was the food. I had no idea vegan meals were this delicious! The laser pen that stuns people because the light is too strong.


The meals were far better than any meat or dairy dish I have ever tasted. I can’t wait to try making them on my own.” “I was reminded why I got into activism in the first place. We were presented with so much information and many resources. It’s motivating to hear others’ experiences and to know others are out there with the same beliefs and concerns being active … I am involved in many aspects of animal rights, so every section provided great info and ideas.”


“I’d love to bring others.”Throughout the year, activists from the United States and Canada have gathered at Helping Animals 101 conferences to learn how to turn their compassion into action. The rave reviews keep coming in—here’s just a sample of what people had to say about these important weekends: